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The Reflections Series Pour water into a cup, it becomes the cup.
Pour water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot.
Be water my friend.
-- Bruce Lee
The window of nature. From rain to oceans, lakes and streams, to queching our thirst, to growing our plants and cooking our food, to controling even Mankind's first tool of all the ages--fire, water is with us all for all of our lives. Water is life. Water also has a life of its own as it churns its way from on high, is warped by the wind and is battered by rain and the debris of trees which it sustains. Water is transparent and at the same time reflective.

Two eyes get in the way when viewing reflections, seeing two reflections at the same time, seperated by time and seperated by place. By closing one eye I see just what the water wants me to see at that instant. When seen as blue its blueness comes from our sky. Through water, I see the world just a little bit different.

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The Patterns Series Nature is what we know / But have no art to say,
So impotent our wisdom is / To Her simplicity.
-- Emily Dickinson

Nature is all that surrounds us. Nature is everywhere. Nature is. Looking around you it seems that Nature is simply a chaos of small shapes, shades and hues; trees, mountains, hills, sky, all mixed together like a painter's pallette. But occasionally, patterns emerge; from leaves of all shapes and sizes... to raindrops... to fronds of ferns. Nature, it seems, wants to free itself from chaos. But she does so only slowly, on a small scale. And sometimes when Nature shows her beauty she does so in fantastic color.

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The Dogs of Iquitos Series "But the people of local towns and family farms, while not rich, have food enough to share with dogs—even dogs who do no work and only lie around all day with their mouths open and their long, sharp teeth showing."
-- Octavia Butler, "Parable of the Talents"

In the colorful city of Iquitos, Peru, there are many lazy dogs laying and lounging about in the doorways and corners of the streets.

Stock Mushroom Photos "They watched the pale rings of light round his lanterns as they dwindled into the foggy night. Suddenly Frodo laughed: from the covered basket he held, the scent of mushrooms was rising." -- J.R.R. Tolkien
Secrets of the earth. Some are sweet, some are deadly, some make you happy. They are only a kind of flower - sexual organs really - that you see around logs and fences, in your yard and in your salad; the real organisms - mycelium - live as underground plant life, coming up to reproduce and to tickle our fancy. So delightful... so diverse... so eerie. Some even glow in the dark.

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