You are only as good as your tools.


DeCodeEner is a localhost, universal, code testing environment.

What does that mean? Well, it's:

localhost because it can run any code whatsoever
universal because it can run any code whatsoever

Shit you don't want to allow on a Website, obviously.

But this code is basicallly just an HTML form's TEXTAREA in which you write code and choose with what to process it – with the input text as DATA or CODE.

Like this for encoding or decoding input as BASE64 data:

PHP code     if ($checkbox == "decode") {
$out base64_decode($textarea);
    } else {
$out base64_encode($textarea);

Like this for executing input as PHP code:

PHP code     $textarea "<?php\n" $textarea;
exec("php tmp.php",$out,$ret);

If it can be simpler than this... well, it kinda can't. (Of course it should be made more complex for such stuff as handling errors and display options and such.)

That is all.

A man's got to know his possibilities.