Quick Connect Garden Watering System

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  • Push to Connect
  • Press to release
  • 5' & 10' Watering Tubes
  • Tubing Pre-Drilled
  • Standard Kits or
  • Design Your Own
elbow tee union hose

Standard Kits

Standard kits come as "Rows". A basic row is 20 feet long and consists of two 10 foot watering tubes connected by two unions, terminated with an end cap. A hose connector and a 12 inch tube for it completes the kit.

basic row image

A double row consists of two basic rows connected together with an 18 inch tube. Each additional row is similar.

dual row image

The water pressure needs to be low, and the watering tube hole to length ratio is such that the water flows evenly thoughout the entire length. There is zero water loss except by evaporation and if covered by a mulch evaporation is minimized.

Design Your Own

All parts—connectors and tubing—can be ordered in any quantities. Tubing can be cut by any means and reused. Tubing holes can be added to customize water flow to suit your garden.


Installing a kit could not be easier: Simply lay the parts out and push them together. The connectors have collects to hold the tubes in place so the entire assembly can be moved about. To remove a tube the connector's collet is held and the tube pulled out. Clean up is with water and everything easily stores away for winter.


Drip Irrigation

All drip irrigation systems have the following differences when compared with this GWS:

Soaker Hoses

Soaker hoses are garden hoses with many tiny holes throughout.