It is a span wrapped in a pre inside a div.

I Reckon This Must be the Place, I Reckon

A Place that is small, efficient and fast or something


This site ain't run by code anymore. It's HTML all the way down...

Oh, important thing: If you (if you're a human) want to link to something here (like to share... it might happen I guess), please consider just copying the stuff where one would put a link. (That's fine with me.)

Whatever you do, please do not post a link to a board and ask the house expert to comment. That kinda shit ain't gonna help anyone. If I'm wrong technically, "tech will out" as we say. If I'm wrong opinionatively, well, I'm not.

Yeah, no, this too: If you (if you're a human) read something here that is wrong, and feel the urge to contact the website's author (as there is one) think a bit first.

Actually, there is no email address on this, or any, page. Select it with the mouse: You can't. View the source: It ain't there.

ha ha

June 2023

I am well aware that this website is quite... sloppy.
That's OK with me for now as I have more important things to be doing...