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Site Usage Policy

Last Update: December, 2013

Terms Of Service

It is very silly to say something like, "By viewing this site you agree with the following terms..." The Internet only works because of click-through links to publicly available pages, and requiring some Terms of Use for pages that we want anyone to view is just plain stupid.

However, there are other resources that do need some terms. These are mainly compressed (binary) archives of our source code.

Linking To Pages

Obviously, there is no Internet without (inter) links. And therefore, obviously, anyone can link to any page here without restriction. (I feel silly for having mentioned this.)

Linking To Archives

We feel we have the right to ask for permission for any site to directly link to our source code archives. There are two technical reasons for this: 1) the archives can be moved, deleted or renamed at anytime; 2) there exists important information about the archives that need to be seen by potential users.

We believe these archive link restrictions are fair and are for the benefit of the Internet community as a whole.

We know that this policy is new and not prominent on the site so therefore we cannot expect websites that normally and regularly link to source code archives to know that we would like them to ask permission. Therefore, for now, we will not put in place any mechanisms to prevent direct linking.

However, any direct linking that affects our bandwidth may be prevented.

Search Engines

Spiders, Search Engines and other Bots that do not read or do not abide by our "robots.txt" file are in violation of netiquette and will be banned.

Bots that continually download our source code archives (ZIP files) will be banned.

False Referrer

If you consistently lie about your referrer you will be discovered and you might be banned.

User Agent Strings

If you consistently vary your user agent string you will be discovered and considered suspicious and you might be banned.

Bypassing Links

If you explicitly request files or directories that do not exist — and therefore there are no links to them in any of our pages — you will be discovered and you will be banned.


1. There are a couple of websites that purport to be Program Archive sites or something, which scour the Internets and create pages around other people's work — those websites have "hosted" THIS program for example, never having contacted us. They do us and their visitors a disservice for they falsely represent us as in partnership with them. We are not.
2. Unauthorized sites linking to our archives do us and their users no favors for it bypasses important information that may be necessary for the source code to work. Direct links cause Spiders, Search Engines and other Bots to bypass our "robots.txt" policies — our logs show that 99.9% of all offsite direct archive link downloads are by Bots.
3. Why do Bots do this, anyway? ZIP file contents do not change per version. Why would a Bot download the same ZIP file dozens of times?
4. Common sign of a comment spammer/email sniffer.
5. Most of these requests are to "admin" and "login" pages of common Blog/BBS/CMS software. Hey Administrators! Please write your code so that your default Admin LOGIN PAGE can be renamed! sheesh