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 This HTML Is Simple - a PHP blog-like application that is small, efficient and fast or something.


Going Native

This is an example of how to increase performance in an extremely simple way.

We use here INI encoded files which are read and turned into arrays (via parse_ini_file()), and that in itself is simple. The extremely simple way to increase performance is to use var_export() to save that array to a file and then use that file directly. For a system with just one or two small INI files any increase in performance will be unmeasurable, but this idea is very valuable indeed if there are large amounts of data/files and large amounts of requests.

Performance basically doubles immediately. It would take the same time to read the files (they will be about the same size), but a PHP array is parsed natively by PHP as code, while the INI file has to be converted to a PHP array.

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Release Notes

Notes for release 1.4.1b:

With this release the code is architecturally complete. That is, the core design, the foundation, is complete and works well. A few more aspects are configurable and more flexible. The code has become smaller, clearer, cleaner, more concise. Some confusing algorithms have been strengthened and are now fully documented.