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 This HTML Is Simple - A PHP blog-like application that is small, efficient and fast or something

Not so Fast Node

The real Node vs Apache benchmark.

I came across the zgadzaj Node vs. Apache benchmark the other day and was immediately skeptical. Node is not as fast as the benchmark claims as it was an apples to oranges comparison.

Here is The Real Node vs Apache Benchmark.

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About THIS

THIS is an experimental attempt at a blogging API in PHP. No classes. No globals. (The Documentation here is out of date; the archive docs are not.)

Release Notes

Version: 1.5.3 - Further Admin re-design; more about SQLite3 problems.
Version: 1.5.2 - Bug Fix and tweak release.
Version: 1.5.1 - Reduced overall memory requirements.

Download page is Download. There are Known Bugs.

Not (easily) Internet Ready

The phrase experimental attempt should be taken literally. This is not "Internet ready" code like you know all the names of Content Management Systems software. Yeah, this code works. But it is not user friendly at all. As said elsewhere, this code is not advanced and is not powerful.

It is part good, part sloppy, part odd, part really cool, part stupid. But it is getting better with each release.

Stuff Here

The links top left are the blog posts within a few topics:

detailed, technical looks at the architecture (still kind of lame).
invented and real conversations related to coding (that I find amusing).
various musings about our Apache log file (that range from stupid to bizarre)

The links bottom left are other programs/APIs we are involved with.

If the code here has any standout characteristic it is it is small. That is exemplified, IMO, in the latest version of the Rules; and GMLP.

The Rules code has expanded to Batch Language Rules Processor on Github: BLRP.
And GMLP is on Google Code as: Markuppro.

Oh yeah, there is also WordBash, a WordPress clone written in GNU Bash -- in under 2000 lines of pure BASH code.