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A Plea to Computer People

This is from Peter Van Buren:

"A Plea to Computer People

"I have heard from many journalists their concern that sources are unaware or incapable of communicating securely. Many times the journalist, who may or may not really understand this stuff, ends up trying to explain it to an already-nervous source whose computer skills may be basic at best. Every one of the writers say the same thing: someone please create a secure system for dummies.

"So, computer people of the web, please consider this. Create a one-button click piece of software that installs all the software needed on a flash drive. The users need only plug in the flash drive and click one button. Create the necessary front ends so that the software can be used by anyone. Please don’t write in and say “But it is already so easy to use.” Experience is that it is not. Think software that your grandma could make work. For better or worse, many people who are or who might communicate important information to responsible journalists need your help. Without your help, many will either not communicate at all, or put themselves at increased risk by communicating insecurely."

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Related Projects

If the code here has any standout characteristic it is it is small. That is exemplified, IMO, in the latest version of the Rules; and GMLP.

Called Batch Language Rules Processor on Github: BLRP.
And Markup Language Processor on Google Code: Markuppro.

Using the techniques developed for THIS the code are not classes and have no global data. There are few inline string literals, no inline HTML, and all functions are small.

This code is, as near as is possible, truly reusable, extensible and easily understood and, therefore, easily modified. Small, data-driven algorithms to work independently together.

Oh yeah, there is also WordBash, a WordPress clone written in GNU Bash -- in under 2000 lines.

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What Is New

Latest Posts

TODO New Rules, May-12, 2014

Several more programming contructs are going to be added to this code's Rules functionality (first explained here).

Dialogs Dialog "Twitter Help", May 25, 2014

[Some "dialogs" here will be from online sources, like this one from I do no editing other than removing personal identifiers and fixing capitalizations and ending punctuation.]

Logs A Few More, Apr-29, 2014

Here are some more exploits or exploit attempts in the last few days.

About The Defining Data, Mar-31, 2014

Key portions of this code are driven by data. The "Rules" data described above is just one example of what this is: replacing code with data.

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The Stuff Here

THIS is an experimental attemp at a blogging API.

The links middle left should explain the "need to know" about the code.

The links top left are the blog posts within a few topics:

related to current changes to the code
invented and real conversations related to coding
various musings about our Apache log file
detailed, technical looks at the architecture

The links bottom left are other programs/APIs we are involved with.

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Release Notes

Version: 1.4.4

Many changes... but mostly internal "architectural" stuff and boring.

Version: 1.4.3rc

Template/Theme code re-designed to increase efficiency and clarity. Commenting code updated to detect duplicates and to moderate based on word frequency.

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Big Google April, 2014
We use here some Google fonts. However...

Going Native March, 2014
An example of how to increase performance in an extremely simple way.

The New Culture February, 2014
There used to be Culture Clash. What we have now is Culture Stagnation.

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