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I Reckon THIS Must be the Place


 This HTML Is Simple - A PHP blog-like application that is small, efficient and fast or something

But wait, there's more!

Posts can have any HTML, like for code, bold, italic, type and underline.

So if you want to see anglys directly (like <b>bold</b>), use named characters; which are: &lt;b&gt;bold&lt;/b&gt;, which are named entities: &amp;lt;b&amp;gt;bold&amp;lt;/b&amp;gt;, which are: &amp;amp;lt;b&amp;amp;gt;bold&amp;amp;lt;/b&amp;amp;gt; which are: error! maximum recursion level reached!

There are other conversions that can take place. To get some of the HTML examples to display, the lines are within <html></html> tags. (Not to be confused with the normal <html> tag.)

To show these examples, for example, we wrote this:


to get this:


This is what we call "block translations". Block translations have a "start tag" and an "end tag" just like HTML. And the <html></html> tags are to show HTML markup (that is, converted to named characters and within <pre>).

There are other block conversions such as for PHP code. This:


results in this:


And this:

One fish.
Two fish.

results in this: