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I Reckon THIS Must be the Place


 This HTML Is Simple - a PHP blog-like application that is small, efficient and fast or something.

THIS is a blog-like API

This is an Experimental Attempt at an API for a Blogging Application in PHP

The name is silly, of course, but it derives from the architecture of the HTML templates being really simple.

This is your basic, "Admin writes posts. Visitors view posts. Visitors add comments." There are web templates, themes, plugin like capabilities, post markup, etc.

It is anti-complex: no globals, no classes, no javascript, no inline HTML, limited inline strings, isolated print statements, isolated SQL strings, HTML templates. The longest source file (outside of the administration code) is less than 600 lines, and there are about 20 files.

What This Code is Not

The code is not Advanced. The code is not Powerful. Some of the code is good. Some of the code is sloppy. Some of the code is unique. Some of the code is not finished. The code is changing.

Some features are not fully implemented or designed as well as they can be. But the architecture is solid and complete.

This Code Requires Work

Configuring this code means work. "You will have to get your hands dirty." This code only has TEXTAREA based editing, and a site can be configured and maintained with a text editor.

The Administration code is poorly designed and needs to be rewritten.

Latest News

There will be another redesign of the DISPLAY module, moving some of it's code into the TEMPLATES. Result will be reduced code and increased logic.