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I Reckon This Must be the Place, I Reckon

A PHP blog-like application that is small, efficient and fast or something

THIS code should be considered a curiosity. If it was in the state it is in now ten years ago I think it would have caught on. It can do about 90% of what many popular Blog/CMS applications do in 1/10th the size — and with no globals, no classes and no Javascript.

It is near truly customizable with data arrays (sometimes as INI files) controlling most important features. It has true web templates. It has an almost complete separation of code and data: no inline PHP or print statements or SQL strings strewn throughout the code for example.

I think all that has great merit.

But... It's too late. The Internet ain't for small APIs but for massive distributed Javascript that can take months to debug and is fixed by magic.


  1. To catch on... I will still work on it. The really interesting thing about this code? It gets smaller with each release even as more features get added. I like that.

Added Shit

Finally going somewhere.

New navigation list and more actual content... The links are:

(Yes, that all is quite contrary to say the least. There'll be some... great fixing coming in...)

Hark the wire service sing
Clear the satellite link
Check the fax machine
Hold the lead story boys

There's some great pictures coming in
Now the pilot's heartbeat slows
Palms dry out
No questions only orders

And the F-1 glides in nose-up
Through the cloudbase and the
Ground crew cheers as he puts down
His landing gear

Hey boy you're a hero take this cigar
Back home in Cleveland
All the papers and local TV stations
Will be calling your ma

And the farmer's wife
Shoos the cat off the chair
She says sit down my dear
Was the milking all right

Our American friends are late home tonight

Roger Waters, Late Home Tonight, Part II

Part I

Site Still in Progress

Some important things about here:

1. No Cookies.
2. No Javascript.
3. No Data Collected.
4. No Database is used.

So, there is no need for any "Cookie Acceptance" banner. The site is also "Not Secure" as Chrome and other web-browsers like to say. Since there is none of the above there is no need for "Secureness" of that type.

It can't be reasoned with. It can't be exploited. And it will just spew text. That is all it does. That's all it does!

Site in Progress

This site is about stuff & things I do and make.

I created a lot of code projects, including the one that runs this site under the silly nom de guerre, THIS.

There is a list, currently out of date, of CODE.

I am developing a new programming language I call Rulz.

I have developed a Garden Watering System GWS.